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The School of Tarot tarot

Posted by Arandjel Tue, August 14, 2018 05:31:55

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For a while now, I have considered putting together a Tarot course, but not been sure in what capacity and how to structure it. I contemplated shooting a series of video tutorials, which might still happen, but not in the immediate future. In part since I’m still exploring video apps, as I want it to be as professional looking as possible, and also because of personal reasons. So I decided to do it in writing instead. Conceptually, I have a vague sense of direction, and perhaps that’s for the best. Instead of going through the deck, card by card in numerical order, I will draw cards at random and provide perspective on reading them.

What I’ve learned from all these years in the metaphysical community, is that most readers have their own approach. I recall when I started learning about the cards as a kid, picking up countless books on the subject. All they did was to confuse me, as they tend to rely too heavily on the basic keywords - which can be intensely sterile and occasionally nonsensical. Then there are the different approaches to reading, covering everything from new age pseudo-psychology to pure fortune telling. However, in practice, a reading is an amalgam of all this combined with the reader’s own psychic sense. It’s also possible to use the Tarot for mediumship, but more about that on a later date.

So to start things of, let me ask you what you see in the photo posted here. How does the card make you feel? What is drawing your attention: the colors, the objects, the people, the animals, etc? How does their story unfold? I highly recommend a spiritual notebook/journal, if you don’t already have one, to write things like these down in. I’ll be providing my input on the card in my next Tarot school post. In the meanwhile, get yourself a weekly Tarot reading over at my Instagram account:

Horoscopes August 2018horoscope

Posted by Arandjel Sun, August 05, 2018 13:14:41

The sky is really aloof this month, with several planets in retrograde motion (meaning that they appear to move backwards when observed from the earth). Like with reversed cards in tarot cards, a retrogradation is generally regarded as an antithesis to whatever that particular planet represents. That is why people tend to blame Mercury in retrograde when there’s a glitch in communication or they’re having a bad day. However, the reality is more multifaceted than that, with the interplanetary relations being very complex – depending on aspects, houses and signs. A retrogradation can in fact signify a very positive and productive period. It’s all a matter of perspective and comprehension. With that said, I here present the astrological insights for this month.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Things have been feeling chaotic lately, especially in close relationships. There might’ve been conflicts and a sense of being invisible. Some of this have possibly carried over to work, where you’ve been a bit too sensitive. However, all of this is coming to end soon, with a much needed boost of manifesting energy toward the end of the month. However, it probably won’t alleviate things at work, where your workload is overpowering.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The saying goes that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and this month offers plenty of those. Now the question is if you’re prepared or not. The stars indicate you’ve been trying to be constructive lately, working towards a set of goals. However, stay away from dealings with stocks and bonds, as well as unplanned purchases. Health wise, problems with joints are possible.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) August might end up a bit confusing for you. Like the slogan of Project Runway goes: one day you're in - and the next day, you're out. It might be a difficult terrain to maneuver, but the strength of your sign is adaptability. A new career opportunity will conclude the month, leaving it on a positive note. For singles this could also imply a new love interest, maybe from somewhere far away. There’s an increased risk for high blood pressure.

CANCER (June 20-July 23) The summer months have possibly left you feeling less rested and more tired, but it won’t last for long. By mid-August there’s a major influx of powerful planetary energies, in particular in the realms of business and finances. If you’ve considered a career change, the time is now. Or ask for that pay raise! In all this material bliss, you won’t even notice the absence of Cupid. Cancers in long term relationships should pay their partners more attention. The present alignment of stars makes you predisposed to colds.

LEO (July 23-August 22) This is an ideal period for you, not only because it’s your birth month. There’s an accumulation of astral vibes, gold plating your life currently. Your efforts at work will be recognized, so expect some gesture of gratitude. In business, a joint venture will pay off more lucrative than expected. There might even be somebody in a professional context flirting with you, so stay open to the plethora of options that life’s throwing at you. Exercise more!

VIRGO (August 22-September 23) There is a sense that you’re not in tune with your true self, or at least not close to where you want to be. Other people are easily annoying you – especially at work. Your colleagues seem to defy logic and expect you to put out fires. Single virgos might not stay virginal, but the connections made and dates had appear perishable. All this stress could wear you down and physically impact your back, so yoga and other stretch exercises are highly recommended.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) August will be a strong and slightly exhilarating month for you. Added to this is an heightened spiritual awareness, where the veil between worlds will be lifted – so trust your intuition. Business wise, all the pieces are coming together, possibly through a friend. Libras looking for lasting relationships are in luck currently. What might be a bit off during this period are your hormonal levels, leaving you a tad defocused.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) The emphasis presently is your home, part the people inhabiting it as well as its parts. Yes, decluttering could be a great idea, as your sign is characterized by a certain level of messiness. Communication is essential to prevent escalating dissensions. Career wise, things are relatively smooth sailing, unless you’re doing business overseas. Your lower back, and that general area, can be extra sensitive.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) You’re everywhere and nowhere, it feels like. Despite this nagging emotion of being lost, you have to keep in mind that this too will pass. Later this fall you’ll experience a renaissance of sorts, so you’ll just have to ride this out – making the most out of the situation. More permanent liaisons are most likely out of the question, but there is always room for new friendships. Your body will tend to react physically to the state of things.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) You need to slow down your pace, and enjoy life a bit more. This period would be ideal for a vacation – or staycation, if for no other reason than to provide some perspective. The current stellar constellation also suggests that you would benefit from learning, so enroll in a course. If you’re considering a loan, wait until the second part of the month. An internet/app fling might turn into something more substantial. You’ll be prone to headaches.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Behind that Spock-escue Aquarius mind of yours, beats a big heart. The planetary impression for this period is that you’ve been prioritizing the well-being of others over your own. Being caring is noble, but there’s no need to exhaust yourself. Work seems a bit lackluster, but will improve once fall sets in. A social gathering brings the promise of a romance. Stress management is key this month, for both body and soul.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) The stars almost exclusively point to your career, where it is a (pre)occupation of late. It might be tied to some financial difficulties, where money has been tight. Whether you’re employed or not, there are new doors opening – from foreign land (either by physical relocation or a company based overseas). Long term lovers could feel stagnant and in need of a spark, so make an effort. Singles are faced with multiple options of affection.

Beautiful Tarot - a reviewtarot

Posted by Arandjel Mon, July 30, 2018 16:30:29

I used to buy a lot of tarot cards, was a bit of a –holic about it – even got this rare three part encyclopedia on the subject: But those days are alas gone. Or alas not so much. I know that a lot of my spiritual peers prefer the physicality of a solid deck of cards, but I feel the opposite. Like with books, where I rather read them on my iPad, I also favor digital tarot cards. There’s a collective gasp at this point, I’m sure, but honestly: how many of us lug around tarots cards all day and everywhere? Meanwhile I‘m pretty sure most of us are glued to our phones. That’s why tarot apps make sense, turning one of our favorite divination tools available instantly anywhere. Yes, think about it.

Now, finding a decent tarot app in this current jungle of esoteric software is a hassle, and it took me a while to procure the perfect one: Beautiful Tarot (not sponsored – though I’d love if it was!). It might sound ostentatious to claim such a thing, but in terms of functionality, it offers the widest and most realistic tarot experience. My favorite feature about it is being able to freestyle spreads, drawing as many cards as one wish (shuffling is done by the press of a button). For those who prefer set layouts, the app includes nine of those (none of which I’ve used so far). The selection of decks is slightly lacking, with only three available – something that might not appeal to everybody. In particular since they are the most “basic” set of cards: Rider Waite Smith, Tarot de Marseille, and the Charles V!. I love it, though, as I tend to stick with the Rider Waite Smith one, the foremost inspiration for the majority of our modern Tarot decks.

Each card comes with a few keywords, leaving the reader with the possibility to add their own interpretations to them. There’s also an option to allow reversed cards, if one is so inclined. Once done, a reading can be emailed, which is a great feature. It sure beats taking a screenshot and then adding it to another app. Considering all this functionality provided in a single app, it’s a straight-up bargain – 3.99 USD! There are no in-app purchases, but it’s all included for this absurdly low price. I highly recommend you to try it: Without exaggerating, it’s one of my favorite apps of all times, so of course it deserves nothing but 5 stars out of 5.

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Astrological makeupbeauty

Posted by Arandjel Mon, July 23, 2018 12:15:56

Aside from politics, social studies and spirituality, I have a huge interest in makeup and skin care. It might seem like a dichotomy, but I enjoy diversity. Also, I’m a huge YouTube junkie, on which I spend more time (so much it’s embarrassing) than on any other streaming service. I’m currently trying out their Premium service for free, offered for a period of three months. Being free from ads makes it heaven, but I’m not certain if 17USD a month really is worth it. In any case, it might be a topic for a future post, but for this current one, makeup is still the subject. Well, rather a crossover of makeup and spirituality, in this particular case, astrology. YouTube recommends me videos constantly, and the other day, there was a bunch of them of beauty gurus reviewing Wet n’ Wild’s latest release, the Zodiac Collection. It’s an assortment of products, in four bundles, representing the elements. Each has a selection of an eyeshadow, a highlighter, and a couple of lip glosses. The eyeshadow palettes look intriguing and a bit cumbersome to use, as they’re pressed together in a circular pan. I recommend you to visit for a closer look. As a double Leo (both sun sign and ascendant) I’m really loving the Fire Bundle, even though it’s doubtful I’ll get it because it’s already out of stock and also since I doubt any retailers where I live will get it.

Not sure if it’s a trend, but before laying my iPhone to rest last night, I flipped through Trendmood’s Insta story, featuring Kathleen Light’s collaboration with ColourPop, a makeup collection also labeled the Zodiac Collection. Now, if you don’t follow Trendmood, I strongly suggest you start asap, as she posts all the new releases of makeup first: Despite watching a lot of beauty influencers, I’ve never gotten into Kathleen Light’s online content. She’s immensely famous (and seem delightful), which this partnership with a very popular makeup brand proves. Judging by Trendmood’s Insta story (which you can see a collage of below), the eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous. Like Wet n’ Wild’s namesake, it too feature some sort of highlight and lip products, but they appears a lot less vibrant (judging by the photo posted on her Twitter). I really love this notion of incorporating astrology into makeup, making it a personal expression experience.

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Reboot upon rebootpsychic

Posted by Arandjel Sat, July 14, 2018 05:00:15

It seems silly to keep producing posts on one's return to blogging, and then...nothing. But in this void, there’s room for introspection and improvement. Or at least I think there is. Because a lot has transpired since my last post, It has forced me reevaluate this space, or rather its purpose. My intention is to put together more practical posts related to spiritual development and resources. That is why I removed the DIY section of my website, with the objective of implementing it here. Some life lessons recently, however unpleasant, made me reconsider my skills and how to best employ them. I should be able to channel a lifetime of experience and studies into something interesting. Also, my horoscopes, in all kinds of different publications, used to be popular, but for some reason I decided to drop astrology altogether last year. It certainly was a mistake, one of many. In my defense, it’s been a stressful and somewhat confusing year. Staying focused can be challenging in the face of great change, despite the protection as well as calling of my spirit guides and angels. But here goes nothing, so expect some new posts soon. In the meanwhile, feel free to say a prayer or make a wish to the goddess below. Share with her your innermost desires and thoughts, let her love fill you. smiley
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Back on track (spring cleaning)life

Posted by Arandjel Sat, April 21, 2018 13:58:58

Sometimes life happens. Yes, I know that as a psychic, there's an expectation of being all-knowing. but that's far removed from reality (as I discussed in a previous post). And often, in line with strong precognition, events unfold against one's hopes and wishes. Maybe it's destiny at play, if such a thing even exists. We're so drilled to believe in free will, when the complete opposite might be the case. Honestly, who really knows the forces of this universe. Even the best of us are only able to catch glimpses of the great divine, and anybody claiming otherwise is probably not being very sincere. But that's not what this post was going to be about. Rather, feeling inspired by this sudden change of season (going from winter cold to summer warm in a matter of days), I decided to revamp my website. Actually, last night's psychic circle further contributed to this boost of energy. It honestly helps a lot to be part of such a tight-knitted community of extraordinarily positive and loving individuals. So a aside from a redesign, I'm also looking into finally realizing some of my visions regarding this space, but more on that later.

The weight of wordsreading

Posted by Arandjel Mon, February 26, 2018 04:53:11

Language can be constricting, in particular when attempting to convey a cavalcade of visions and emotions - which is what a reading is. How we express ourselves is therefore of uttermost importance. One can never take for granted that the frame of reference is universal - quite the contrary. At my psychic circle we had this discussion the other week, on the gravity of words. This came to mind a couple of days ago, after I received an email reading from a psychic, who I accidentally came across online. I was perusing eBay for a few items, when I on a whim decided to type in "psychic reading" in the search bar. It resulted in pages and pages of psychics offering their services in bold letters along with portraits of them hunching over crystal balls and tarots cards. Curious, I clicked on a link of a psychic with ridiculously low prices but with rave reviews. Unable to resist such a bargain, I purchased a three question reading and emailed my personal information together with what I wanted to get answered. Now, I rarely get read myself, perhaps once or twice a year. Of course, I partake in psychic circles and classes, where we practice read each other all the time. However, I do not seek psychics out. My personal conviction is that readings should be a rarity. Too many times, I've encountered people addicted to readings, especially when I was working for a phone line. As with most things in life, moderation is key.

But going back to the reading, it was sent to me rather promptly. It wasn't very eloquent and was missing punctuation throughout, but the gist was quite impressive - considering the modest rate. (I actually ended up visiting this psychic's website, where I purchased a full reading for a lot more, but it was basically the same thing as the initial cheap reading - the same length, less than a page.) I'm not bringing up the spelling mistakes out of snobbery, but to illustrate a point. This person quite accurately outlined my life, without ever getting down to detail. Nevertheless, the generous use of the word "negative" was unfortunately off-putting. "Negative" was related to a trauma I experienced in my youth and which I according to them still was suffering from. Then they offered to cleanse my chakras in order to release me from this said "negativity". Unlike many other psychics with this business model, this particular one wasn't too pushy about it. The sad part is that I could relate to the trauma, and yes, it has shaped me in many ways. Plus being queer in this world tends to be traumatic. But I wouldn't necessarily label it as negative, nor do I believe that a chakra cleansing would accomplish a lot. Quite frankly, I don't believe in aura or chakra cleansing. Nor do the teachers at the Arthur Findlay College. The only one who can change your energetic field is you. Still this idea of aura cleansing persists - mainly in North America (where this psychic is from).

So the entire reading was littered with the word "negativity", which is a shame seeing how many elements of it resonated with me. It made me wonder how a person less experienced with psychics would react to it. Would it frighten them? I got this reading out of sheer inquisitiveness, but what if I, like many clients, needed genuine help. Psychics are not psychologists, but we're still professionals. As such we need to abide to a code of ethics and weigh our words carefully before sharing them with a client. A reading should be a constructive experience regardless of its content. I'd still recommend this particular psychic, but with a disclaimer to take with a grain a salt. Then again, not every psychic is for every person.

Angel meditation meditation

Posted by Arandjel Wed, February 21, 2018 05:39:33

Meditation can be a rather daunting endeavor initially, so I thought I'd do something simple for a first post of this kind, I mean, meditation is always simple, really. So find yourself a quiet and comfy spot. Sit in silence, and clear your mind of cluttering thoughts. They will keep coming at you, which is alright. The key is not to get caught up in them. In this context, they're just brain ghosts, disturbing your repose. Then envision yourself enveloped in a soft bright light. At first, this might be tricky - in particular if you're not used to visualization. Stay here for a while. Feel the light heal you. You might sense or see a presence in this light, perhaps an angel has a message for you. Listen. When you feel reinvigorated enough, let the bright light fade, and then slowly awaken your body and open up your eyes.

Don't force yourself to feel or see anything, especially if you're a complete novice. Just sitting in silence, quieting down the mind is good enough in the early stages. The rest will come naturally with time. Plus, not everybody is going to want to communicate with otherworldly beings, and that's ok.