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Mercury Direct

astrologyPosted by Arandjel Wed, August 22, 2018 03:27:51
With all the bad rep Mercury receives while in retrograde, I thought I'd bring to attention that it's now in direct motion - in Leo. Astrology is a very complex subject and reducing retrograde motion to solely negative effects is a tad simpleminded. All motions and aspects affect each individual differently depending on their natal chart. Some liaisons that the planets make ameliorate their malefic qualities. The house and sign that the planets occupy is also of great significance. Sure, Mercury retrograde affects communication (among other things), but in what capacity and how. Just blaming any miscommunication on one stellar body's reverse motion is foolish. As is the case now, with Mercury moving through the sign of Leo, generally speaking, there's an influx of creative energy. It also brings a lot of love and passion into the collective being, inducing an opportune period to get out there and date. Social gatherings and friends are of importance. It further denotes short trips and excessive expenditure. While being retrograde, all of this stands, but it lessens the effects or perverts them. An example would perhaps be an increase in extramarital affairs, since the boundaries are blurred. But, to tie it altogether, it all depends on several factors.

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