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Psychic - not omniscient

psychicPosted by Arandjel Mon, January 22, 2018 05:20:11
There is a misconception about psychics that we know everything. We don't. Despite dubious advertising by some of us, portraying themselves as demigods, we are just people like anybody else. Being psychic simply means a heightened emotional awareness (I'll delve deeper into this topic in another post). The sixth sense is also something we tap in to, not a state that we're constantly in. Speaking for myself, I can be rather clueless in my regular life. Or I used to be more so back in the days. With training and experience, the psychic part has become a much more integrated part of my reality, where I easier notice energies or hear angelic advice. That doesn't translate into me being all-knowing, nor that I always listen to whatever information comes to me. I make mistakes, like most people. So the premise that psychics are pre-eminently divine is flawed, as all living beings are godly. Unfortunately, that assumption, cemented as it is in popular culture, brings about plenty of confusion and disappointment. Clients sometimes have really distorted expectations on readings and science won't take us seriously. So the meme below, which is used to make light of psychics, is rather unfunny, if people actually knew the difference between the words psychic and omniscient.

When it comes to clients, it's important to mention that not all psychics are for all people. Every client is different with their own set of needs and wants. Recommendations are therefore risky: the energies might not match, the psychic could have a bad day etc. Hopefully there's an ethical business model in place, to reimburse the client if a reading goes awry. In the capacity of being a client myself, I've had less accurate readings by famous psychics and great ones by lesser known counterparts. But then again, my personal conviction is to refrain from having too many readings: I'd say no more than a couple a year.

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