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Inspired ruminations

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Reading yourself

psychicPosted by Arandjel Fri, February 16, 2018 05:52:46
I can't believe how fast time flies: here we are rapidly heading towards the end of February. It's been almost a month since my previous past, even though it feels like it was published yesterday. What is it they say...time is just a human construct? It's certainly true when it comes to readings, where time is experienced as fluid rather than linear. Defining an exact time-frame can for that reason get a bit tricky. Even more precarious is reading for oneself. No matter how skilled the psychic, you can't escape the human factor of wishful thinking. I can just speak for myself, having ignored the visions and guidance of my spirit guides over and over again because I desperately desired another outcome. (This of course ties into the debate between fate and free will, which I'll leave for a later post.) So yes, it's quite possible to read for oneself, but keeping the ego separate from your higher good is complicated. I mean, it always is. We all bring these delusions into play in readings. How many times haven't I or any of my colleagues encountered clients who are so deadset on a certain result, that they dismissed our abilities after we've presented them with our visions and recommendations from their guides. It's all so human, and that's ok.

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